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    Pool surfaces do not last forever. Their lifespan will vary a little with the type of surface and how well it has been maintained, but eventually, it will need replacing. Indications of a deteriorating pool surface include nicks, blisters, and discolorations. Any small problem can rapidly become serious if it involves a leak, because this can affect the shell, which is often porous concrete. Ten to twelve years is a good lifespan for a swimming pool surface.


    There are a number of factors that can affect the pool surface. The intense Florida sun can deteriorate the surface of an empty pool. The chemistry involved in the pool’s water can also affect the pool surface. Sometimes this can make a pool surface deteriorate, which is another reason to have your pool maintained by professionals.


    Butler Pools and Decks LLC specializes in pool resurfacing. Resurfacing your pool is not like brushing on a waterproof coat. It is a major project that requires quality materials and expertise. We offer several resurfacing options. Among the options is pebble finish, which is plaster mixed with pebble aggregate. Pebble finish gives a pool a unique look that fits well with Florida architecture, and if well maintained, will last 12 or more years. Another option is quartz finish, which mixes quartz aggregate with pool plaster. This surface also fits well with Florida architecture and has a life expectancy of more than 12 years.


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    Pool Surfaces Are damaged By:

    Water Chemical Imblance

    Improper calcium and chlorine can cause damage to your pool surface.

    Empty Pool

    Florida’s hot sun can crack and damage your pool surface if there is no water in your pool.


    If your pool was finished with plaster its lifetime may be around 12 years and may need to be upgraded to fiberglass.


    Resurfacing a pool is not only done to keep the pool in top condition. Resurfacing makes a pool look fresher and newer, particularly useful when a property is on the market, or if attracting renters is a factor. A fresh, clean look makes the swimming experience more enjoyable.

    Our pool technicians are highly experienced and skilled. Customers consistently give us excellent ratings. Please call R. Butler Pools and Decks LLC with questions about pool resurfacing. We will gladly offer you a free estimate.

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