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    Nothing puts a damper on your parade more than a failing swimming pool. When you notice signs of cracking or leaking, it’s time to contact a professional Islamorada pool company who can assist you with pool renovations Islamorada FL.

    At R. Butler Pools and Decks, we have over 5yrs of experience helping pool owners find the solution to their issues. We employ a highly skilled team of service specialists who can solve any pool problem you throw their way.

    Swimming Pool Repair Islamorada FL

    Fiberglass Pools

    If you own or are interested in installing a fiberglass pool on your property, our team can help. We specialize in Islamorada fiberglass pool installation and resurfacing services that can stand the test of time. Fiberglass pools are molded in factories and then installed on your property, this makes the design process easy and effortless.

    We can also help you resurface your existing fiberglass pool if you are experiencing issues.

    Pool Service Islamorada FL

    Pool Restoration

    If your existing pool is starting to crack or suffer from severe leakage, our technicians have the right solution for your pool service Islamorada. While some issues may seem like they’re only on the surface, over time they can begin to affect the safety of your pool.

    We will be able to help you install pool vinyl liners and plastering to effectively stop the onset of damage. We can also help you restore water discoloration to give your pool a flawless aesthetic.

    Pool Repairs

    Pools can face an array of material and infrastructure damage, with the help of our specialists you won’t have to worry. Our team thoroughly fixes leaks, cracks, pump faults, and more to provide your pool with the stability it deserves.

    We can also help you fix your problems below the water line such as broken steps or jagged edges. We provide exceptional swimming pool repair in Islamorada FL and pool renovations Islamorada FL.

    Deck Repair Islamorada

    Deck Services

    If you need help fixing your existing deck or are thinking about installing a new one, we will be able to assist you. Our team is thoroughly trained in deck painting, repair, and construction so you can have the deck you deserve. No matter what the issue you are facing may be, our team of experts has you covered with unmatched deck repair Islamorada.

    All of our services are available to property owners located in Islamorada, FL who need assistance. We provide a 100% service guarantee on all of our projects in addition to affordable pricing.

    When you need a clean, safe, and stable pool contact R. Butler Pools and Decks LLC!

    pool renovations Islamorada FL

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    Pool Surfaces Are damaged By:

    Water Chemical Imblance

    Improper calcium and chlorine can cause damage to your pool surface.

    Empty Pool

    Florida’s hot sun can crack and damage your pool surface if there is no water in your pool.


    If your pool was finished with plaster its lifetime may be around 12 years and may need to be upgraded to fiberglass.


    Construction, including swimming pools, is carefully regulated in Key West. We will make sure that all permits are in order. R Butler Pools and Decks is the resource for fiberglass pools in Key West.

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